1. How do I update my ThemeForest theme?

2. Android App Setting up Requirements

3. Fail To Import Demo Data or Can Not Load Demo Content

4. Lost My Side Bar Widgets.. How can I get back?

5. Google Map API Key Error

1. How do I update my ThemeForest theme?

NOTICE: If direct customizations have been made to the parent theme, they will be overwritten when the theme is updated. The recommended way to apply theme file customizations is to use a  child theme.

There are a two ways to update our WordPress themes to latest version:

Method 1: Install the WordPress Envato Market plugin

Once installed, activated, and setup, the Envato Market plugin will display a notice in your WordPress dashboard when an update is available. To setup:

  1. Download the Envato Market plugin and install it through the WordPress Dashboard at: Appearance > Widgets
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Navigate to the Envato Market menu, follow the instructions to generate a Global OAuth Personal Token, and enter the Token in your WordPress Dashboard:

Method 2: Manually install a new version of the theme:

  1. Backup the current version of the theme.
  2. Delete the old version and reinstall the latest version. You will not be able to install the new version while the old version is still installed.

2. Android App Setting up Requirements

For the setting up apps and uploading it to Play Store, we required following things:

For Debug APK

For PlayStore

If you have any query regarding setting up android app you can contact us through our support forum or our email address [email protected]


3. Fail To Import Demo Data or Can Not Load Demo Content

If your Demo importing failed this is most likely due to your server resources being limited by its configuration - most commonly these are: max_execution_time and memory_limit . If working on a localhost increasing those limits is easy - simply head over to your PHP.ini configuration file, find where those directives are located and increase them to for instance:

max_execution_time = 180 
memory_limit = 256M

If you'd rather stay away from your PHP.ini file you can add this code to your 'wp-config.php' file (found in the root of your WP installation) until you manage to import your data, it will also increase your max execution time and memory limits at runtime:

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

If none of those work and you are using a hosting somewhere you can always ask them for a quick assistance with this via their Live Chat or Support Phone. It's your right to ask for these updates as you paid for their service and they usually react timely upon similar requests.

4. Lost My Side Bar Widgets.. How can I get back?

Please go to  Appearance -> Widgets -> Ads Search and you can add all the widgets that you want to show in search page side bar.

5. Google Map API Key Error


The Google Map had done some changes for the APIs authentication and usage limits.

To fix this error, get a key from this link and add it to your application:

Steps to Get the API key.

1. Follow this above link and click on Get a key: 

2. Agree with the service Terms of Service: 

3. Choose a name for your new key and specify the websites on which the key usage will be allowed. If you don’t need any website restriction, just put an * in that field, but don’t leave it blank and click on Create. 4. Write down your brand new API key, and click OK.

How to append the API key: ( Wordpress Theme )

1. Go to Theme Options > General > API keys > Google Map API key > Enter your API key there and check for the page that is having google map.

How to append the API key: ( HTML Templates )

Just replace the below line and replace your API KEY 'YOUR_API_KEY' in your page where Google map js is included 

 /*  Google Map */

<script type="text/javascript" src=";key=YOUR_API_KEY&sensor=false&"></script><p></p>